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Country Profile
Full name: Republic of Suriname
Capital: Paramaribo
Governance: Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Independence: 1975
Population: 566.000 people
Official language: Dutch
Currency: Suriname Dollar
Area: 163,265 sq km
Rainforest: 90%

Suriname is bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by the Marowijne River (with French Guiana), to the west by the Corantijn River (with Guyana), and to the south by forests, savannahs and mountains with Brazil. In the northern part are coastal lowlands, partly covered by swamps. Further inland runs a narrow strip of savannah land. In the south, the land becomes hilly, covered with extreme dense tropical forest and numerous rivers and streams.

Weather & Climate

The weather in Suriname is very hot & tropical with an average humidity about 85%. The temperatures range from 84 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit (29 to 34 degrees Celsius).

Suriname lies outside the hurricane zone and the most extreme weather condition is the sibibusi (forest broom), a heavy rain shower.


Religion in Suriname is characterized by a range of different religious beliefs and practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of people. According to recent data, 40.7% of the population is Christian, 19.9% of the population is Hindu, 13.5% is Muslim, 3.3% follow indigenous religions, 15% claim not to know their religion and 4.4% claim no faith.


The World Bank has ranked Suriname as the 17th richest country in the world in terms of natural resources.

The main exports are Gold, Wood & Oil. Other resources are: Freshwater, Fish, Shrimp, Hydropower, Bauxite & Diamonds. The most of the resources are still unexplored.

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